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Soft Commotion
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Late Bloomers
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MONO MONO by Sunfields

Imagine Elliot Smith hanging out with Tom Petty in the back of Neil Young's van while listening to Sparklehorse.

Sunfields is the brain child of Jason Kent. Although the quartet has been around since 2009, three quarters of its members have been playing music on and off together since they were teenagers.

Their debut album, Palace in the Sun (2010) has been described as “…the most overlooked album of 2010.” Their second album, HABITAT (2014), was described as “…blossoming like a field of poppies in a rainy English field.”

Their new record, MONO MONO, is out now on Exit Sign Music. Listen now on iTunes.

Habitat by Sunfields
Habitat available now!

Palace in the Sun by Sunfields
Palace in the Sun available now!

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